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Tom Dippel for SD 41

Key Issues

Taxes Public Safety Education Life 2nd Amendment Emergency Powers Mandates


The Republican Party of Minnesota

Freedom Club PAC

Representative Jeremy Munson

Representative Steve Drazkowski

Representative Cal Bahr

Dr. Neil Shah

Mayor Mike Murphy

Congressional Candidate Tyler Kistner

"I am running to be the servant leader that our district so desperately needs.

Our elected leaders are more interested in playing political games than they are in standing up for our shared conservative values.

As your Senator, I will be a champion for the issues that matter most to you. 

Whether it be the ability to choose how you school your children, how you operate your business, or whether or not you feel safe on the streets - I will stand up for you."

- Tom Dippel

My Key Issues


Public Safety



I pledge to never raise your taxes and will fight to cut and eliminate taxes on Minnesotan families.

Criminals need to be held accountable for harming our neighbors.

We need School Choice so that parents can take their educational dollars to a better school for their kids

I am 100% pro-life and I will fight tooth and nail for our most vulnerable.

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2nd Amendment

Emergency Powers


Shall not be infringed - U.S. Constitution - Law of the Land. We need Constitutional Carry so Minnesotans can protect themselves from rising crime rates.

We cannot again allow a governor to lock us in our homes, break our system of governmental separation of powers, force laws not passed by the legislature, or stop people from getting critical medical care.

I will fight for people’s individual rights to get the medical treatment they see fit. Individuals should be able to make this choice for themselves – it is a fundamental medical right.

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